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Your journey to becoming a public health hero begins at Thomas Jefferson University

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Employability is the goal and Dr. Zeigler-Johnson is just one of the public health professionals guiding learners through a combination of interactive courses, tailored fieldwork, and a student-designed Capstone Project. Read on to discover how their mentorship launches rewarding careers in the booming, topical field of public health.

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Jefferson College of Population Health (JCPH) graduates provide just the glimmers of hope the world needs. From evolving viruses to food insecurity, these issues call for their knowledge, skills and experience to protect the health and wellbeing of some of the world’s most vulnerable populations. It’s no small task, but JCPH graduates are equipped to be part of the solution.

The college is home to a robust accredited Master of Public Health (MPH) program that teaches the art and science of preventing disease, promoting physical and mental health, organizing health services, and controlling infectious diseases. In the process, students develop competencies in the key public health areas of: health behavior and social sciences, biostatistics, environmental health, epidemiology, policy and advocacy, program planning, implementation and evaluation, and more. The program’s interdisciplinary nature is no coincidence.

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“Our MPH students receive a comprehensive education in public and population health and are well-prepared to excel in many different fields upon graduation.”

Dr. Charnita Zeigler-Johnson

A program commended by past and present students

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Public Health Associate, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Senior project director, Public Health Management Corporation

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MD/MPH Candidate, Class of 2022

Ideal surroundings for future changemakers

Since Philadelphia has long been regarded as a national hub for medicine and healthcare, where better for budding public health heroes to apply newfound skills? Jefferson students have countless opportunities to turn knowledge into action through collaborations with community-based agencies, health centers and nonprofits in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Upon successful completion of their MPH, they go on to lead in local, state, and federal health agencies, community health centers and hospitals, non-governmental health organizations (NGOs), schools and universities, professional health agencies, health insurance companies, and other related businesses — if not in Philadelphia, then anywhere they wish.

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A world-changing public health education awaits at Thomas Jefferson University.

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