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Global changemakers in engineering and applied sciences

The college’s international community is just as dynamic. There are 428 international students in Spring 2023. While here, they connect, grow and thrive — thanks to opportunities like over 30 Registered Student Organisations and clubs. Every aspect of life here is designed to foster a deeper sense of learning, camaraderie and service to the community, creating an environment that’s as intellectually stimulating as it’s supportive and welcoming.

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That’s how Tycho Fredericks, a faculty member in the Department of Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering and Engineering Management, approaches classes.

In fact, it’s a mindset that all faculty members across the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Western Michigan University (WMU) adopt in their 14 undergraduate degrees, 12 master’s level programmes and seven doctoral programmes.

Here, students learn in a high-tech, 343,000-square-foot facility located in the Business Technology Research Park, which hosts more than 40 dynamic companies in life sciences, technology and advanced engineering. The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences is home to seven computer teaching laboratories, 75 research and teaching laboratories, a Paper Coating Pilot Plant and an energy resource centre.

“Good engineers can solve any problem you give them. Great engineers know which problems to solve.”


Close to

million in research grants campus-wide in 2022*


WMU engineering graduates median starting salary*


WMU engineering graduates working full-time are satisfied with their jobs*


engineering campus (WMU is 1200+ acres overall)*

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It’s important for students to take part in research experiences, work closely with outstanding faculty, and be involved in student organisations with hands-on engineering projects and activities. The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences understands this – which is why all programmes, across all levels, ensure students evolve into career-ready professionals armed with real-world skills for the global marketplace.

The following programmes are accredited by the relevant commission of ABET, except the recently established Cybersecurity programme, which will be pursuing accreditation after the 2023-24 academic year.

Programmes promising career-readiness

I chose to study computer science at WMU because of the many resources provided to international students to build careers and network in the US. This includes internship opportunities and club activities. For example, I am a member of a club called Western Aerospace Launch Initiative (WALI) and have met a lot of people, gained skills related to computer science, and learnt about other major disciplines such as mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering.

Beom Kim, South Korea
Computer Science

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I believe that the Aerospace Engineering programme at WMU is one of the best choices for international students here in the U.S. The department has excellent professors that are respected in the field throughout the country, and they challenge you at the highest level possible. WMU also values international students — its many scholarship options was a main reason why I chose to study here.

Octavio Garcia Amaral, Brazil,
Aerospace Engineering

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I chose WMU because from the beginning, I felt a sense of inclusion for international students on campus. At WMU, international students are awarded scholarships with similar values to domestic students, so we get the same opportunities from the beginning.

Martina Veit Acosta, Brazil
Computer Science

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Homecoming was amazing! Coming from Southeast Asia, I’ve never celebrated homecoming — I didn’t even know what it was — but experiencing it was a blast. Having my friends parents’ trucks there and watching the football game after was an amazing experience.

Ryan Tay Wei Jieq, Malaysia

Computer Science

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Hear from the students

Off-campus, students are enthralled by the charming city of Kalamazoo. With lakes, trails and parks alike, there are plenty to explore at one of the Top 15 Cities for Twentysomethings according to Buzzfeed. Breathtaking views meet the eye just minutes from downtown with heaps of natural wonders and the shores of Lake Michigan just 35 miles away — the perfect haven for the active student.

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From staying fit to befriending other students from every corner of the globe, life at WMU is never dull. A diverse, international community greets you as soon as you step foot on campus, bringing together like-minded students eager to share their different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. You (or international students have) will have access to the same opportunities granted to local students — making WMU the number one choice for international learners.

With so many clubs and so many events happening throughout the year, you can explore your passions, take steps to advance your career and enjoy the thrills of student life in a U.S. college.

An exciting university experience

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