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Aerospace Engineering

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As one of only two programmes of its kind in Michigan, Aerospace Engineering at WMU is uniquely structured to ground students in one of the most in-demand fields in the world. Here, students are taught the fundamentals of aerodynamics, structures, propulsion, flight mechanics, space propulsion and orbital mechanics — all while getting the chance to learn alongside experts in the field.

This includes the opportunity to be a part of the Western Aerospace Launch Initiative, a registered student organisation that gives students unparalleled opportunities to make a real impact in the field of aerospace engineering.

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“Undergraduate students play a vital role in the research done in the Aerospace Laboratory for Plasma Experiments,” says Dr. Kristina Lemmer, professor from the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department.

“They design, build, test, launch, and operate a CubeSat in space, as well as learn vital real-world skills in satellite design, systems engineering, flight software design, team engineering, and leadership. These are vital for a future in the industry or graduate school.”

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