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Civil and Construction Engineering

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As one the broadest of engineering professions, Civil and Construction Engineering melds together the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of facilities to create better conditions for modern civilisations. From bridges to transportation systems, students in these programmes are taught the theoretical models of the most innovative advances of mankind.

Practical opportunities are heartily included, as well. Australian civil engineering student Wishy Laurie, for example, worked on extending and redesigning Atlantic Avenue according to safety concerns at existing intersections and expected growth in the area. The road connects Kalamazoo, home of WMU, to the neighbouring city of Oshtemo.

“What most excites me about the project is the design phase,” Laurie shares. “Through intricate and complicated analysis of the roadways’ existing infrastructure and how it operates within the larger community of Oshtemo we are able to explore a range of effects from non‐motorised travel to future developments and how they will increase demand upon the road and intersection we will design. Taking fundamental teachings from classes taught throughout my college career, I’m able to apply them to new and more complex problems.”

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