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Experience a vibrant, dream-fulfilling student life with Berkeley Global


Whether it’s for a semester or a full academic year, a Berkeley Global education prepares you for the next step in your life and career. At the world's top-ranked public university, your professional and personal growth are in good hands, thanks to fresh views and insights to think about the world in new ways.

Take Pooja Kandappa, for example. She pursued the Professional Diploma Programme in Digital Marketing after working for three years.

It can be hard for a working professional to get back into the groove of hitting the books or juggling assignments. That wasn’t the case for Kandappa. Her transition from career to campus was smooth — a move eased by access to well-stocked and aesthetically-pleasing UC Berkeley libraries.

Kandappa loved it there. Not only was it a great resource to keep up with readings, assignments and tests, the libraries were just compelling places to be in. That’s saying a lot, given Kandappa is surrounded by seemingly limitless offerings in sunny California. “There’s an energy that university libraries have and an intensity that's hard to describe,” she says. “Also, it doesn't hurt that the libraries on campus are incredibly pleasing to look at, each in their own way. Like Instagram influencer accounts, each of these libraries stay true to their particular virtual aesthetic.”


A global programme through and through

The professional diploma Kandappa speaks of is one of many short-term programmes offered at UC Berkeley. Through the Berkeley Global Access Programme (BGA), students can experience a semester or full academic year exploring a wide range of undergraduate or graduate-level courses — perfect for those interested in multiple fields.

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Students searching for a specific pathway can dive into entrepreneurship with the Haas School of Business faculty or gain valuable insights with some of the country's brightest chemistry and physics experts. Other popular subjects include computer science, engineering, mathematics, social sciences, business and biology.

The best part? Online programmes and courses are available for students who are not eligible for an F-1 visa, allowing them to receive a Berkeley-quality education from the comfort of their homes.

Regardless of which programmes they choose, opportunities abound for students to have hands-on experience. For Kandappa, it was the chance to work with external clients, presenting marketing research and strategy. She adds: "It's got simulation, strategy games, which are usually played at graduate business school levels."

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The UC Berkeley experience

Outside of class, students can take advantage of the full UC Berkeley experience. They can connect with a diverse community of people who come from over 119 countries. With over 1,200 student clubs and 34 sports teams, there are plenty of experiences and opportunities to create new, unique memories. Picture being part of the Skateboarding Crew of Berkeley or Hackers@Berkeley.

Add the fact that UC Berkeley is located near the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, and students have easy access to industry experts at some of the buzziest high-tech organisations in the world.

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Focusing on your future

A one-unit "Focus on Your Future: Career Development and Coaching" course helps students plan their future by identifying their strengths, building their emotional intelligence and applying them through coaching sessions, workshops, guest speakers and career panels — something Kandappa appreciates.

"Things are so different here from back in India, right from the resume formats, to the type of information you put in cover letters and even the dimensions of the page you print these documents in!" she shares.

"So the impact that the Career Development class had on us was incredibly eye-opening. I especially loved the guest speakers from different industries such as neuromarketing and tech, to name a few."

Those eager to build their personal brand will learn how to craft an impactful resume, write a strong cover letter, and build a valuable professional network.

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Discover your future with UC Berkeley today

My long-term goal is to become a subject matter expert in supply chain, which is the backbone of the industry. I found BGSU's Logistics Systems Engineering program is a combination of engineering and management, which helps me to enhance my knowledge and skills. I joined BGSU in January 2022 and got the opportunity to work as a Graduate Assistant on an industrial project under the guidance of Dr. Sarder.

Swati Arora, India
MS in Logistics Systems Engineering

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