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Johns Hopkins University is a community dedicated to using its best ideas to improve lives around the world. For more than a century, faculty and students have worked side by side in a tireless pursuit of discovery. It was the first university in the US to integrate research and learning and established the model for today’s research university.

From 21st century prosthetic limbs to speech recognition software to the widely used COVID-19 tracking map, Johns Hopkins Engineering innovations contribute to the common good. These innovations were infused with knowledge and collaborations from faculty and students.

But as all engineers know, there is always more work to be done. What better way to prepare for this work than to be trained by the revolutionary faculty focused on building a more resilient world through engineering.

At Johns Hopkins Engineering, you will be immersed in studies that foster the intellectual, professional, and research skills you need for success. This starts with small class sizes and continues with unrivalled research facilities and expert mentorship that will empower you to achieve your goals.

Whether you are interested in pursuing a master’s degree on its beautiful campus in the in Baltimore, Maryland or study online from your home country, you’ll find Johns Hopkins classrooms packed with knowledge you can use today and in the future.

Earn your master’s degree in engineering in Baltimore or online from wherever you are

Meet the students

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Adegoke Olubusi MS ’16

After graduating from Johns Hopkins, Olubusi worked as a software and product engineer for companies including Goldman Sachs, eBay, and PayPal. His work as a founding board member of the social media company Yookos helped guide the thinking behind Helium Health, a company for which he is the co-founder and CEO.

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Mash Syed, MS ’15 Computer Science

As lead data scientist at Chipotle, Mash Syed, MS ’15, offers in-depth data analysis to the company’s executives to help them make informed business decisions — expertise that took on new value with the onslaught of COVID-19.

Carol Reiley, MS ’07, Computer Science

“Hopkins has an altruistic focus that pervades all through the university. In a time where AI and computer science can impact so many different fields, it was really interesting to realise that a lot of startups didn’t care about ethics or the customer in a human way — it was more about earning money or selling your company. It made me realise that everything at Hopkins is very human-centric, and people were very front and centre. It was mission-focused.”

Do more than take in knowledge. Create it.

Where others see obstacles, you see opportunities. When others settle, you still have questions. It’s that same spirit of curiosity and passion for problem-solving that fuels innovation and discovery — and is what drives everyone at Johns Hopkins Engineering.

As a student, you’ll be part of a diverse and dynamic community and be surrounded by people, like you, who are driven to solve complex problems in new ways: creating a better future through innovations like the COVID-19 map and dashboard that became the go-to source during the pandemic, developing the speech recognition technologies that power our digital devices, and discovering the mechanisms that cause cancers to metastasize.

At Johns Hopkins Engineering, you’ll tackle real-world challenges, learn, and create in cutting-edge labs, educational spaces, and design centres, under the mentorship of renowned scholars and scientists.

Faculty members conduct groundbreaking research in their fields and make meaningful contributions to society, and so do their students. Become a part of a collaborative community where you won’t just take in knowledge -- you’ll create it.

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Join Johns Hopkins Engineering to create a better future

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