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Engineering Economic Growth

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Engineering-driven principles have a far-reaching and evident impact on economic and financial infrastructures across the globe. With more than 20 research centres and institutes and through strong community, university, and industry partnerships, Johns Hopkins Engineering is a driving force in the future of technology, health care, and engineering education — all of which ultimately impacts economic growth in our global society.

Programmes focus on stimulating economic growth, grounded in a deep integration of research, academics, and mentorship by renowned scholars. Whether you choose to pursue a career as a data scientist, global financial agent or statistician, this master’s programme will help propel your career and aspirations.

Financial Mathematics
Understanding and navigating today’s rapidly evolving, worldwide economic and financial landscape is one of society’s most challenging current problems. This master’s programme in Financial Mathematics provides you with a distinct opportunity to collect knowledge from across the university from its top-notch business school, economics department, and programmes across the Whiting School of Engineering. Guided by distinguished faculty, you will explore probability, statistics, optimisation, partial differential equations, and scientific computing. Become a leader in the modern global markets on Wall Street, in London, Hong Kong or wherever your pursuits will take you.

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Data Science
Data science professionals are highly sought-after in today’s economy and for the foreseeable future. And a master’s degree provides the advanced knowledge and skills needed to stand out. The master’s degree in Data Science at Johns Hopkins Engineering emphasises mastery of the skills needed to translate real-world, data-driven problems into mathematical ones, and then solving these problems using scientific tools. The curriculum offers modern courses created to expand your knowledge for advanced career opportunities in data science, including Machine Learning, Data Visualisation, Statistics, and Large-Scale Data Systems.

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Applied Mathematics and Statistics
With an emphasis in mathematical foundations and their modelling and numerical counterparts, this MSE in Applied Mathematics and Statistics is staffed with outstanding faculty who are leaders in their field. They are creating interdisciplinary solutions inspired by problems arising in engineering, and the physical, biological, information, and social sciences. In this programme, you will explore, answer questions, and be ready to solve problems in a multitude of industries as a professional, including finance, government, law, medicine, and national defence.

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