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Engineering in Society

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Backed by revolutionary research and state-of-the-art facilities, your graduate education will be a transformative academic journey and unrivalled career preparation experience at Johns Hopkins Engineering. Be prepared to make a visible difference in the cities, communities, and neighbourhoods in which we live with a master’s degree in engineering. Whether you choose to design resilient cities by enhancing earthquake resistance of structures, manage large-scale technical projects, or develop the materials that makes cars safer and fuel efficient you can fulfill your goals and impact society on a local or global scale.

Civil and Systems Engineering
You are today’s civil engineer and tomorrow’s best hope for a strong built environment. Earn a master’s in civil engineering from Johns Hopkins Engineering to be prepared with the tools, knowledge, and skills to find solutions to the most pressing public demands on structures and systems. You can choose to focus on geotechnical, ocean and coastal, or structural engineering.

A master's in systems engineering from Johns Hopkins can open doors to the career you’ve imagined for yourself. The cross-functional curriculum allows you to explore the impact systems engineering thinking can have on the way we live and work. From public health to urban resilience to infrastructure systems, you’ll be prepared to construct systems in multiple disciplines that require thoughtful and strategic solutions.

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Engineering Management
Whether you are interested in starting a company or a social enterprise, creating new technology, or working in a top consulting firm, faculty and alumni put their contacts to work connecting you to the resources you need to be an industry leader who shapes the future. The master’s in Engineering Management programme at Johns Hopkins offers a balance of engineering technical concentration and management courses, positioning you to innovate technically while building your professional acumen.

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Materials Science
Everything around us is made of materials. With a master’s degree in Materials Science from Johns Hopkins, you can be at the centre of creating the next generation of materials and material systems that power modern innovations and drive our society. Complement your textbook knowledge with collaborative interactions with the faculty who are researching the applications of materials that impact our society, including the development of longer-lasting batteries for electric vehicles, the use of stem cell technology to reverse engineer the blood-brain barrier, the creation of nanostructures to improve power grids, and more.

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