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Engineering autonomous solutions and digital innovations

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Johns Hopkins Engineering master’s degrees in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering will prepare you with the advanced knowledge you’ll need to design the devices, systems, and technologies that power our modern world today and in the future. You’ll be able to apply skills to mitigate the impacts of climate change, build intelligent robotic systems, ensure national security, improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease, and more.

MSE in Computer Science
From medical robotics to cybersecurity, this master’s programme will empower you to be the driving force behind powerful computing and stand apart from your peers in a quickly changing field. Whether you choose to pursue a career in computational biology, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, you will be equipped with the right skills and knowledge needed to innovate technological advances.

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MSE in Mechanical Engineering
Dive deeply into the areas of fluid mechanics and materials, robotics and human-machine interaction, micro and nano-scale engineered devices, as well as aerospace and marine systems. This flexible, interdisciplinary master’s programme allows you to design your degree with the advanced training in several specific areas of mechanical engineering that are of interest to you.

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MSE in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Go beyond textbook learning as you earn your master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering. You’ll be immersed in a research-centered department that understands the industry demands for a broad skillset in everything from artificial intelligence to language and speech processing to photonics and optoelectronics. Faculty-crafted courses reflect the latest available knowledge and techniques that will prepare you to be adequately equipped to face a changing and in-demand field.

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