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Where aspiring lawyers are set to lead

Located in the administrative heart of Australia, the Canberra-based Australian National University is synonymous with prestige and excellence. The only university established by the Parliament of Australia, its law school is where reading the law goes beyond studying textbooks and legal precedents — it’s thoroughly examined, discussed, and debated to hone graduates’ ability to address the major legal, social and political challenges of the 21st century.

ANU has consistently ranked among the top universities nationally and globally, and it shows in the quality of its legal education. For lawyers-in-training, few schools can compete with the ANU College of Law: it is ranked fourth in Australia, and 24th in the world according to the QS World University Rankings. Its long-standing commitment to research is a main reason behind its top rating of 5 in Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) under the Law and Legal Studies category.

The opportunities that the ANU College of Law offers are seemingly endless. The breadth of programmes offered include undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees, ranging from an internationally-recognised Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree, to specialisations in areas such as International Law and Diplomacy, Financial Management and Law, New Technologies Law, and Environmental Law, among many others. Classes are led by world-class faculty that consists of academics and practitioners in various branches of the law.

Combined with the ANU College of Law’s proximity to the Parliament and the High Court of Australia, studying law at ANU guarantees a life-changing experience where students can witness the law in full action.

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What’s it like to study at Australia’s national law school? Hear from the scholars and students at the ANU College of Law

What makes graduates of ANU College of Law stand out? The answer lies in their autonomy, nurtured by a place where students lead the way in approaching a legal case. The path of a lawyer requires a backbone of steel armed with astute knowledge — a reality that the ANU College of Law prepares its students for through lively class discussions, as well as internships, clinical programmes, case studies, and mooting competitions outside of the classroom.

While students from diverse backgrounds exchange ideas with one another, academics are always around to offer guidance and challenge students to critically engage with the law as a dynamic entity that shifts according to social and political contexts. The student-educator relationship underpins the ANU College of Law experience, where future lawyers receive support from academics in mapping their careers.

Student-led learning with unparalleled support

When ANU graduates make the transition to practise law, they have access to an engaged Careers and Employability team, where Career Consultants are available to help graduates successfully navigate the competitive job market. With the help of online career tools, professional development workshops and career events happening year-round, students have multiple pathways to hone their skills for the workplace.

Graduates can reap the benefit of being in Canberra — right in the heart of Australia’s legislative capital — to boldly launch their careers in domestic and international law.

Get ready to lead

Get an unrivalled access to an impactful career in law at Australian National University (ANU) College of Law.

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