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Associate Dean (International), ANU College of Law

Law, Business and Society

Jolyon Ford


When international students arrive at ANU College of Law, they fall under the care of Professor Jolyon Ford, who serves as the Associate Dean (International). His role includes overseeing future and current international students’ wellbeing and experience, research and student mobility and partnerships, as well as the College’s international alumni.

With experiences in academia, freelance consultancy, international and non-profit organisations, and the private sector, his lecturing commitments focus on Torts in the Bachelor of Laws (Hons) (LLBHons) and Juris Doctor programs — his favourite subject to teach.

“What makes this class so satisfying is helping students explore some of these bigger picture concepts around a fault-based system of remedying personal injury,” he explains. “Students sometimes come to law school thinking ‘the law’ is a very stable, certain set of rules to be applied. It is rewarding to observe students encounter some of the uncertainties in the common law judicial process.”

A recipient of the Australian Research Council funding award and a Fulbright Fellow, Professor Ford’s unique approach to teaching at the College is what produces high-flying students who critically examine the law and push for more equitable reforms that take socio-political contexts into account. “I believe ANU College of Law produces graduates who not only understand how laws work, but have a clear sense of the role and rule of law in society,” he adds.

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