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Master of Laws Program Director, ANU College of Law

International Law, Law and Political Economy, Legal Theory

Ntina Tzouvala

Associate Professor

For Associate Professor Ntina Tzouvala, it was ANU College of Law’s proximity to the Parliament, law-making, and its international outlook that drew her there in the first place: “I think that this combination offers unique opportunities to law students and law academics alike.”

As the Program Director of the Master of Laws (LLM), her duties involve working with students and academics alike. It’s thanks to Dr. Tzouvala’s efforts that the curriculum is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the latest developments in legal theory and practice for lawyers-in-training. For instance, she had the opportunity to teach a course on contagious diseases and international law in 2021 to explore the link between legislation and public health.

“I particularly enjoyed the sessions where the students led the conversation. For example, I organised debates where the students discussed controversial legal issues,” she reflects of the course. This student-centred learning, where learners from diverse backgrounds and professions exchange ideas, is a key component of legal training at ANU to foster critical thinking skills.

“Our program aims to neatly bridge the gap between theory and practice. First, our LLM students will soon get the opportunity to complete an internship as part of their studies, if they wish to do so. Secondly, many of our LLM teachers are themselves accomplished practitioners in the field,” explains Dr. Tzouvala. Students learn from an expert team of barristers, solicitors, government employees, and academics with prior or current experience with international organisations.

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