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STEM PhD degrees at the forefront of innovation

As technology-based industries expand, countries are racing to snap top doctoral talents. From the UK to South Korea, governments are investing hundreds of millions of dollars to attract STEM researchers from around the world.

A master’s degree or PhD from the University of Vermont’s College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences will put you at the front of the race. Here, programmes are multidisciplinary, facilities are cutting-edge and curriculum is rigorous. It’s a transformative education that challenges boundaries and takes advantage of advanced research facilities.

Get equipped with professional and personal knowledge, skills and experience with these graduate programmes at UVM.

Get equipped with professional and personal knowledge, skills and experience with these graduate programmes at UVM

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Complex Systems and Data Science

A pan-disciplinary academic training for graduate students working on complex systems and data science problems across all fields.

His research has already resulted in papers in the Journal of Geothermics and Journal of Geophysics.

With a location in Burlington — one of the best college towns in the country — Bijay has many things to do and places to explore during his free time. “You can go to the Lake Champlain beaches, hike in the Green Mountains in the summer and ski during the winter,” he recommends.

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"UVM has all the resources that you can exploit to excel in your field. The faculty and staff at UVM work to make sure that you get all the possible help and resources to perform your research effectively. "

Bijay K-C, PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering candidate

Originally from Nepal, PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering candidate Bijay K-C,  chose UVM for its academic excellence. “UVM is a well-reputed university,” he shares, adding that it is also the perfect-sized university. “It offers a wide range of study areas so that you will never feel constrained, yet it is small enough that your advisor will have enough time to work with you.”

Bijay works with Professor Ehsan Ghazanfari to understand the impact of thermal-hydrological-mechanical-chemical processes on the production of geothermal fields. He uses experiments and data analytics to understand the reservoir processes that influence energy production.

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A great study experience awaits at The University of Vermont.

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