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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Design, build, and preserve the built fabric of our society including roads, bridges, buildings, drinking water and energy systems, waterways and ports, airports and the infrastructure for a cleaner environment.

Join this exciting profession and see the products of your design with UVM’s sustainability-focused MS and PhD programmes. Whether it is a high-rise building, a bridge, a dam, a roundabout, a canal or a wind turbine, graduate students here can enhance their know-how around one or more sub-disciplines of environmental, geotechnical, water resources, structural, materials, and transportation engineering.

Here, dedicated faculty members collaborate with highly motivated graduate students to address critical issues facing our world related to sustainability and energy; infrastructure systems; climate change, hazard mitigation and adaptation; and environmental and public health. An emphasis on interdisciplinary education, research collaborations and opportunities across campus — including not only other engineering and science departments but also social science, policy, and medicine — defines this dynamic programme at UVM.

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