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Discover the power of TASIS England education

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Discover the power of a TASIS England education

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Learners enjoy the welcoming community where diversity is recognized and celebrated. The TASIS England experience goes beyond school years – here, the aim is to nurture students to become leaders of the future who will go on to change the world. Bespoke student-centered learning programs deliver academic success and a love for life-long learning so that students leave TASIS England as independent thinkers, ready to challenge themselves as they continue their learning journey.

By equipping these young people with the knowledge, skills, and attributes they will need to achieve success at university and beyond, TASIS England is developing the global leaders of tomorrow.

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Founded in 1976, TASIS The American School in England offers many benefits – a challenging  American curriculum with the additional option of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, a campus in tranquil Surrey in close proximity to vibrant London, and an expansive line-up of fun and enriching co-curricular activities.

Perhaps most important to students is the welcoming international community and inspiring teaching. As they interact with peers from around the world, their minds are opened to the importance of empathy and an appreciation of differences. They are encouraged to be broad-minded and compassionate, to approach life with a sense of international-mindedness, and to take responsibility for and contribute to their community and the environment through service leadership.


Day student, grade 8

“I have joined quite a few clubs at TASIS — from art club and football to swimming,” she explains. “Art club is definitely my favorite. My friends and I always do it together to relax and unwind after a long day at school.”

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“It has a strong and welcoming community,” she says. “Since I never lived anywhere other than my home city, being surrounded by people who will support me was my number one priority.”

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boarding student, Grade 11

Hear from the students

Hear from the graduates


At TASIS England, a student’s academic journey is as progressive as it is traditional. Throughout the curriculum, the School nurtures intellectual curiosity and broadens horizons. Students develop confidence and character, a commitment to community service, and an appreciation for the diversity the world offers. Such traits are instilled through the integration of innovative approaches.


At TASIS England, life outside the classroom is just as enriching. Every learner is encouraged to explore their talents, relish in the arts, engage in physical activity, experience sportsmanship through competitive teams and recreational options, and develop the confidence to lead. Opportunities abound for this development.

The School has modern and well-equipped facilities to support its visual and performance Arts program and hosts music recitals, concerts, theatre productions, art and photography exhibitions, and dance performances throughout the school year. The athletics program benefits from two gyms, a Fitness Center, and extensive playing fields.

Students are encouraged to participate in student-led clubs as well. With a wide variety of options — such as the Medical Society, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Pride Club, Women in Politics Club, and the Driven to Give Club – students can support a cause, pursue an interest, or try something new. Students are also welcome to create new clubs throughout the year by sharing their ideas with the Student Activities and Community Service Office.

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At TASIS England, boarding students (age 13 to 18) gain independence, responsibility, respect, and resilience. Through shared experiences, life-long relationships are forged as they live, learn, and go on weekend excursions together.

Two or three students – each with a different mother tongue – typically share a room. This arrangement is by design to encourage boarders to use English and to celebrate the diversity of their global community.

A dynamic TASIS boarding team is always around to supervise and provide guidance. They ensure the residential experience is safe, friendly, warm, and caring.

“What I learned as a boarding student made my transition to university smooth and very easy.”

Ali, Class of 2019

All meals are provided and the on-campus Health Center ensures that nursing care is available if required.

The impact of a TASIS England boarding experience can be seen in the success of its alumni. “I think I've grown so much as an individual – academically and personally,” says Ali (Class of 2019).

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“My parents are very happy with the way I've changed for good. I think my transition to university is going to be very smooth and very easy.”

An enriching student experience awaits at TASIS The American School in England

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