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Boarding Student, Grade 11

Growing up in Moscow, Ksenia always dreamed of seeing the world. When her father suggested attending a school to learn English in preparation for joining a university abroad, she was thrilled. Although several options were presented to her, for Ksenia, nothing compared to TASIS England.

“It has a strong and welcoming community. Since I never lived anywhere other than my home city, being surrounded by people who will support me was my number one priority.”

New friends helped her overcome the language barrier. “Now, I feel more confident speaking English rather than Russian,” Ksenia says. TASIS England’s accessible and approachable faculty taught her that any curriculum can be mastered with the right support. In her words, “The more I asked, the more I learned.”

Now in her third year at the school, the 16-year-old is not only comfortable but thriving. She has joined the volleyball team, dabbled in tennis, performed in three theatre productions, channeled her inner Picasso with the art club, and shared her opinions in a variety of student-run organizations. She’s even developed both the confidence to lead and the passion to uphold the TASIS England reputation.

“My favorite opportunity thus far has been the Prefect Program. It is a leadership program that helps raise school spirit and build the TASIS community. Working alongside people who are equally as passionate about creating a welcoming environment for everyone has really been a tremendous pleasure.”
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