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John Luca

Graduate, Class of '20

John-Luca’s TASIS England experience was extremely fundamental to his success in university and beyond. He has completed his first year in Computer Science at City, University of London and founded a start-up, NewzComp, which combats bias in modern media.

“I took higher level IB German Literature and IB English Language and Literature. These courses helped me critically analyze text and the principles I have learned have been great tools for my team and I at NewzComp.”
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Meanwhile, IB Mathematical Studies gave him a better understanding of discrete mathematics, critical to success in his university-level Computer Science courses.

Another class he thoroughly enjoyed was IB Psychology. “Even though the material does not directly apply to my current course, what I learned in this course has helped me in other ways,” he explains.

Today, John-Luca believes that TASIS made him “a more well-rounded and organized individual, more resourceful and a better problem-solver. The IB coursework required me to do a lot more research than I was used to before. This has helped me make more data-driven and well-informed decisions,” he says.

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