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Here’s why a Suffolk University law degree sets students up for success

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As for the setting of their education, picture small classes that allow more time and attention for every individual. This naturally enables students to build personal mentoring relationships with the school’s faculty. Professors at Suffolk Law are active in their respective fields, from serving in the Biden administration’s White House Council on Environmental Quality to conducting undercover investigations on housing discrimination in Greater Boston. For many students, these connections act as a stepping stone to the next stage of their careers.

Suffolk Law School is located in downtown Boston — a hub for action and opportunity. Students are situated near law firms, non-profit organizations, the judiciary, and government and commerce sectors, allowing for real-life exposure through internships, career opportunities, and professional connections.

This success is the result of the opportunities afforded by Suffolk Law – or what graduates call their “life-changing moments in the law.” “My experience at Suffolk Law was a game changer,” says Daniel Villanueva Plasencia, a TMT-Commercial and Privacy Attorney (CIPM) for Baker & McKenzie Abogados, S.C. “The expertise that I was able to develop as a result of my LLM gave me the necessary tools to work for one of the top firms in the world. It was not only the sophisticated, legal knowledge that helped me succeed, but also the international experience and community spirit that made me feel welcomed during my LLM degree.”

From writing the rules of civil procedure in collaboration with an Indian tribe to working on a mobile app for pro se litigants, many students at Suffolk Law have stories to share about memorable experiences in and outside of the classroom. The best part? It’s all counted towards their programs, allowing students to advance both academically and professionally.

Graduate Julia Rodgers is working on an app that provides a cheaper and quicker way for couples to settle prenuptial agreements, which has brought about an offer of US$150,000 from Shark Tank investors wanting a 30% stake. The idea originated from her exposure to legal automation tools in Suffolk Law’s Age of Smart Machines class. “This form of automation really struck a nerve with me,” she says. “I started asking, ‘What else could be automated?’ and I’m still working on it.”

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Suffolk Law is known nationally and internationally for their outstanding academic and co-curricular programs and partnerships – a combination that has led its graduates to the reality series “Shark Tank," international diplomatic circles the US Court of Appeals, and important positions in private practice, corporations, public interest organizations, the military and the government.

It is the nation’s only law school with four top-35 ranked legal skills specialties – clinics, dispute resolution, legal writing, and trial advocacy – in US News & World Report for six years in a row (2017-22 editions). Other impressive rankings and accolades include placing fourth in legal writing and first in preLaw magazine’s top schools for legal technology.


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top-35 ranked legal skills specialties in US News and World Report for six years running


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A dynamic education awaits at Suffolk University School of Law

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