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When Hyndavi Metta heard about the opportunities presented to Suffolk Law students, she submitted her application to the LLM in Global Law and Technology program.

What she would gain was invaluable experiential learning and real-world exposure, allowing her to build the confidence she needed to thrive in a legal working environment. “You’re taught the problem-solving skills to identify and find the best solution for the client,” she says. “It’s this high-quality education which distinguishes Suffolk faculty’s teaching from traditional, lecture-based learning.”

Suffolk’s law faculty were instrumental to her growth. Through small class sizes and many opportunities for one-to-one interaction and mentorship, they offered her personalized support and guidance throughout her time at law school. They also encouraged students to branch out and tailor their programs to suit their interests. “You don’t have to compromise and choose one of your favorite courses, you can do both of them,” she shares. “It opens many doors.”

It’s certainly a choice she hasn’t regretted. “I’ve been learning a new thing every day,” she says. “Every day is so good here.”

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Hyndavi Metta

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