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Opening the doors to the world’s finest universities and best careers

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Opening the doors to the world’s finest universities and best careers

Marlborough College Malaysia (MCM) is located on a 90-acre estate that is both safe and spacious. In this sprawling space, pupils follow the guiding principles of compassion, companionship and conversation. As the school’s Master Alan Stevens iterates, “MCM gives its boys and girls the space, inspiration and courage to explore their potential, the wonders of our world and their responsibilities to it and to each other.” It's these values that serve students well when building their future. 

Offering International GCSEs and then the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, MCM ensures that its students are equipped with the tools to navigate the real world, from achieving exemplary degrees to landing jobs that will change the world. The College does this through its extensive curriculum and co-curricular opportunities that help to broaden the minds of pupils, allow them to explore their talents and help them to gain skills outside of the classroom.

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Pupils develop self-awareness, confidence, and leadership skills through the College’s accredited leadership training programme. Enhancing these life skills further are its many activities and clubs. These include captaining teams for inter-House competitions, leading weekly lessons with children from a school in Sungai Melayu, taking part in local marine conservation projects, and fundraise, volunteer or arrange events for a number of local orphanages as well as homes for the elderly and the disabled, and more. The College also provides many external opportunities to develop skills and camaraderie such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, ski trips and sporting ventures throughout Asia. 

The extensive list of co-curricular activities combined with the academic prowess of the IGCSE and IB programmes as well as the enriching boarding culture of the school give MCM students a leg up when it comes to university applications and their careers. 

Learning beyond the classroom

Compassion, companionship and conversation— these define the broad range of activities outside the classroom at MCM. Co-curricular activities enable students to explore their creativity, hone their critical thinking as well as develop a healthy competitive spirit. 

“The College is commended for the range of co-curricular opportunities offered to pupils, which develop their understanding of global issues and their responsibilities as global citizens,” wrote a 2021  Council of British International Schools Report. “The provision of co-curricular activities is a real strength of the College.”

Here are some of MCM’s main co-curricular offerings:

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These activities stand out for balancing challenge with comfort in outstanding facilities and led by top-class coaching. The result? Pupils with higher self-confidence and self-esteem, enhanced physical, social and cognitive abilities, qualities like resilience, perseverance, initiative and independence, and so much more. They’re prepared for the future, thanks to MCM’s commitment to the integrated development of mind, body, spirit and community. 

A dynamic future starts at Marlborough College Malaysia.

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