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Martha Harrison

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Martha Harrison

For Martha Harrison, joining a new school in Year 9 was a bit of a challenge. It was her first time boarding and away from her family for that long. With the help of her tutor, however, she soon found not just her footing but a sounding board for opinions, a mediator and a confidant. “I had a great personal tutor that first year who I built a close relationship with, and really helped me feel comfortable in the boarding house.”

She was soon exploring her own potential on MCM’s generous grounds and playing fields. “I was Head Girl from 2017-18, an assistant director of school theatre productions, participated in touch rugby, and also partook in and organised charitable events and efforts at the College,” she says. “I also completed my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver award at MCM.” She shone academically too, scoring nine IGCSEs (six A*s and three As), and a 43 at IB.

2013 - 2018

Co-founder of Calico, social entrepreneur and theatre-maker

Time at MCM:

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It was help from the teachers that made the difference. Martha lists numerous educators for their unconditional support during her schooling, the impact of which led her to do well in school and gave her the tools to be an entrepreneur.

After getting a first-class BA degree (4.0 GPA) in Drama and English Literature from the University of Birmingham, Martha started her venture. “I am the co-founder of Calico, a social enterprise making creative campaigns that fight against gendered violence,” she says. “In the past, our campaigns have encompassed live public performances, short films, and training and outreach experiences, addressing topics such as street harassment and spiking.” 

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