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Nicholas Goh

Nicholas Goh

Nicholas Goh is currently working as a commodities analyst in the consulting arm of Argus Media, where he helps businesses gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics and outlook of the commodities markets for them to make well-informed decisions. “So far, I have mainly been involved with biofuels-related projects, such as forecasting the supply and demand of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel in Europe,” he says. “This is really exciting for me as I have always wanted to contribute to the energy transition — collaborating here with other individuals who are motivated to make a difference in this space has been an extremely rewarding experience thus far!”

Nicholas remembers how MCM played a key role in helping him get here — the school supported him every step of the way during his application to Imperial College London. “We had a tertiary education fair on campus where we could speak to university representatives to learn about potential universities to apply to,” he says. “I was thankful for experienced teachers being happy to review my UCAS personal statement countless times to perfect it.”

2013 - 2018

Imperial College London MEng Chemical Engineering graduate and commodities consultant

Time at MCM:

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It was MCM that influenced him to join the chemical engineering field as well. “I believe that taking IGCSE and IB Economics in addition to maths and the sciences played a role in my decision to study chemical engineering instead of pure chemistry,” he says. “It got me interested in understanding the financial feasibility of technological solutions, an area that studying chemical engineering would offer more of an insight into compared to pure chemistry.”

MCM equipped him with crucial life skills, such as stress management, just as well. The importance of rest, as well as key research skills, were some of the other traits he picked up too. “MCM provided an environment that constantly challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and try something new,” he adds. “My participation in theatre productions is a prime example – getting comfortable with performing in front of an audience has made me a far more confident person than I was before. Besides that, the people skills and leadership qualities I acquired from project work with classmates of diverse backgrounds have made me a versatile team player.”

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