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A holistic education that guides students toward life success

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Zoom in on the bustling metropolis of Shanghai, and you’ll discover Concordia International School Shanghai, a faith-based international school recognised for its dedication to academic excellence and for providing well-developed sports, arts, services and applied learning programmes. It delivers a holistic American curriculum and pioneer programmes — from Preschool 3 to Grade 12 — that guide students toward life success.

With such features, amazing results are common. Students not only achieve academic growth, but find their unique balance and footing through co-curricular activities, spirituality and Service Learning within a vibrant community of quality faculty, engaged parents and passionate peers.

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Holistic education

Concordia helps students find holistic success. The school doesn’t just focus on academic growth — it strives to develop your child emotionally and culturally. Students become well-rounded adults with interpersonal skills such as drive, ambition and self-confidence — all of which are pivotal to excel in today’s job market and rapidly changing world.

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Former Concordia parent Peter Ng — whose two children attended the school from 2008 to 2016 — can attest to this. Ng wanted his children to grow into well-rounded adults with interpersonal skills — and they did.

Concordia helped my son build confidence, social skills and actually acquired additional skills that he carries today because he is now willing to embark on and to learn new things.

Such skills gained and developed at Concordia have gotten Ng’s children into the University of Toronto. Ng is proud of his children and their achievements. “Both my kids grew up to be well-rounded adults with great personalities. Their education and schooling really worked.”

“Your kids may be academically very strong, but what matters to me is building the person's character, and being a good person, genuine in heart, and willing to help,” says Ng.

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Co-curricular activities

Concordia is not just a school with a robust academic programme — here, how students spend their leisure time is just as important. As such, the school’s co-curricular programme is exemplary — it runs parallel to the curriculum, allowing students to make new friends, learn new skills and take on a new hobby. They also learn essential interpersonal and emotional skills, which include patience, persistence, leadership and emotional regulation, among others. These skills stay with them for life.

The best part? Students have access to over 150 co-curricular programmes at Concordia, with many opportunities to discover what works best for them. One way or another, these programmes contribute to increased academic performance, look great on college applications, support students’ overall well-being and challenge them for success.

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Spirituality and Service Learning

A child’s well-being is pivotal to their growth. As such, emotional and spiritual well-being development takes precedence at Concordia. The school provides a strong foundation of spiritual learning by incorporating it into the curriculum. Students learn character and moral values — they are encouraged to ask big questions in classrooms and the outdoors.

It also goes hand in hand with service leadership — students contemplate their place in the world, their shared experiences and their role in helping others.

They utilise what was gained and learned in the classroom for real-world applications. “The purpose of Service Learning is to help students see that nothing is in a vacuum, that everything is interconnected, and that what they’re doing in the classroom is powerful,” says Service Learning Coach at Concordia and co-founder of Shanghai Service and Sustainability Network LeeAnne Lavender.

says Senior Director of Faculty Care and Identity Christopher Mizel.

Spiritual learning is about believing that our responsibility as educators is more than just passing on knowledge to students, but is shaping them as people.


At Concordia, a well-designed yet rigorous curriculum is what you’ll get. Students develop a deeper understanding of course materials while getting the right support from dedicated faculty in a small-sized classroom environment. They exceed the academic expectations of the school and thrive into insightful learners with a global perspective. This is the foundation of Concordia’s success and reputation.

“Challenges are best experienced when teachers know each child’s strengths and growth areas and work to find that optimal level for gain. The programmes we use are designed to do just that,” says Senior Director of Enrollment Management at Concordia Shanghai Evelyn Chaveriat.

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