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Jessica Meng

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Student Jessica Meng made full use of her time at Concordia. Whether attending classes, participating in sports, singing or dancing, she seized every opportunity, jumped out of her comfort zone and bravely explored new interests — these made her application to Cornell University stand out.

For Meng, it was Concordia’s dedicated faculty — among others — that developed her into someone she’s proud of today. “When I first came to Concordia in January 2021, both Mr. and Mrs. Klar welcomed me with open arms and helped me instantly feel at home,” shared Meng.

“It wasn't the specific classes that supported my interest in my planned field of study, but they supported my interdisciplinary interests and helped me continue exploring and embracing my creative side, by consistently challenging me to learn and do more about the world.”

Meng was heavily involved in co-curricular activities — from being a part of a student-founded and student-led band to the varsity soccer team, cheerleading team and student council.

“We work together rather than against each other. Concordia is like a second family because at the end of the day we are all in this together — it is a school that is so much more enjoyable when we’re all helping each other get through it,” she says.

“I put a lot of myself — including my character and personality — into all my essays. I did my best to ‘show, not tell’. For me, it was really important to show the admissions officers who I was through the culmination of my experiences rather than just listing and describing several achievements.”

Black, White

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