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When Paulina first came to UNISUS from Cancun, Mexico, four years ago on a one-year UNISUS scholarship she admits to being a little nervous. But after making friends and settling in, she now can’t imagine leaving.

"Boarding here is pretty connected," she says. "What's not to love about bumping into friends several times a day, familiarising yourself with different cultures, learning new languages, and having 24/7 access to a strong support system?"

Living and learning at an IB World School in Western Canada was too good an opportunity to pass up. And the experience has broadened the teenager’s horizons in ways she never thought possible — in fact she’s considering pursuing a postgraduate business degree in Spain after completing her UNISUS studies in the core focus areas of English, physics, mathematics, geography, Spanish, and economics. “They all have their own little sparkle in them,” Paulina enthuses. “All my educators have a unique way of effortlessly explaining something complex in the simplest terms.”

What does Paulina love most about UNISUS? The school’s open-door policy. That’s why she spends much of her free periods in the classroom, where questions and conversations are welcomed and encouraged.

Inspired to serve the community, her contributions to the greater school community range from helping with after-school care, taking the lead in a dance class, and strategizing for fun activities as a member of the Student Council. “I love reading to my Kindergarten buddies, too. They are so eager to learn,” she shares.


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