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Daniel was just a child enjoying a family holiday in Canada when he fell in love with the country and decided it was the perfect place to experience life safely outside Mexico City. His parents agreed, and one visit to the UNISUS Okanagan Valley campus immediately solidified their decision.

Immersion is naturally easier in a comfortable, close-knit boarding home and a campus filled with local and international learners eager to learn more about Daniel's background and culture – and to share their own.

"We're sharing one living space and mixing various perspectives," explains Daniel, who was just 13 years old when he joined UNISUS. "Coming in as a younger student, it was interesting to live with senior students doing everything I would eventually have to do. It pushed me to always strive to become a better version of myself."

Today, 17-year-old Daniel is proud to say he has seamlessly progressed to the tailored IB Diploma programme. “We were guided through the process of choosing six sections, depending on the career paths we were most interested in,” he explains. “In preparation for medical school, I’ve chosen biology, chemistry, mathematics, English, geography, and Spanish.”

Upon graduation in 2023, Daniel plans to return to Mexico to study medicine before ultimately practising as a neurosurgeon! "I want to understand how the brain works, how signals are sent, how technology can be used to solve challenges in the field, and how this knowledge can be leveraged to help the world," Daniel says. "UNISUS gave me the push I needed to realize I could take on such amazing tasks."


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