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Your journey to designing and building a sustainable future begins at Thomas Jefferson University

Thomas Jefferson University's College of Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) is ready to close the skills gap. Located in Philadelphia, this institution’s mission is to educate and nurture the next generation of design and construction professionals to create an equitable and sustainable future. The college offers cutting-edge architecture and design education, from bachelor’s to PhD level. Curricula emphasize specialized knowledge unique to each discipline.

Paired with interdisciplinary collaboration, students are prepared to build a better world in 2021 and beyond. They discover how in studios and through research institutes. CABE is home to five research focused centers: The Institute for Smart and Healthy Cities, Lab for Urban and Social Innovation, Center for the Preservation of Modernism, Malawi Health and Design Collaborative, and the Synesthetic Research and Design Lab.

Speak to any Jefferson CABE graduate and they will tell you how they’re planning to change the world with their newfound knowledge. These are the programs that made them:

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To ensure a sustainable future, we need to champion the importance of sustainable and resilient cities. The number of people living in towns and cities has grown more than fivefold since the 50s. The World Economic Forum estimates that nearly 70% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050.

These urban environments may be the critical systems for global economic growth; however, they are also the leading cause of environmental pollution and climate change. The great urban migration will come with many challenges, and professionals with the know-how to manage environmental crises will be on every organization’s radar.

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Join faculty and admissions staff from the College of Architecture & the Built Environment for a virtual information session. Meet with program directors to discuss coursework, internships, professional networking and the many career opportunities open to you as a graduate from one of our programs.


Saturday, December 11

10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. ET

Virtual Grad Open House with Jefferson’s College of Architecture and the Built Environment

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Dynamic master’s programs with focus on social equity, sustainability and design excellence

As part of his award-winning architecture applied-studios project, Benjamin Nardi made several visits to the Overbrook Environmental Education Center site to get a sense of the "wonderment and beauty in the hidden details of the site."

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Jefferson graduates enter industries as more than just professionals — they begin or revamp their careers as household names. The university’s strategic partnerships with major corporations, local communities and non-profit organizations play a massive role in this development. Through them, students get professional experience while still in university.

Talent — in faculty and student body — make an education here even more inspiring.

Gain the upper hand with the “Jefferson advantage”

“At Jefferson, we are committed to providing a forward-thinking education that is resulting in our students and faculty winning numerous regional, national and international awards. Most recently, our students have been awarded in a number of design competitions: American Society of Landscape Architects’ (ASLA) student competition, IDA Awards, John Stewardson Memorial Fellowship in Architecture and more.”

says CABE dean Barbara Klinkhammer

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A city brimming
with inspiration

Jefferson is located in Philadelphia, a city filled with thriving design and construction industries. The beautiful East Falls Campus — 104 acres of scenic, tree-lined grounds — is only 10 minutes from all the city has to offer. For students, this serves as an invaluable urban lab. Add maker and active learning spaces, and the campus turns into an unparalleled hub of creativity, talent and innovation. Philadelphia’s neighboring cities include New York, Baltimore, Washington, Virginia Beach and more, expanding the range of work opportunities available to Jefferson students.

A great student experience awaits at Thomas Jefferson University.

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