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Andrew Fleischner

People and opportunities — these were the two things that struck Andrew Fleischner from Pennsylvania. Everybody at SPS was friendly and there was a wide variety of opportunities offered. “There are so many classes, arts programmes, extracurriculars and clubs. It's very student-oriented,” he enthuses.

SPS is a fully-residential school, a home to many. For Fleischner, he can go straight to ballet and then just walk back to his house, without having to miss out on anything. “I can be fully immersed in the community,” he shares.

This feature has allowed him to form meaningful connections that would last him a lifetime — with his peers, faculty members, and advisers. “It's really nice to have support from advisers and teachers. I can go into my dorm at night and get extra help from the adviser on duty,” he explains. “It feels like we're all in it together.”

Black, White

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