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Where an education from St. Paul’s School can take you

Each new day at St. Paul’s School (SPS) brings a fresh set of adventures. Set on 2,000 idyllic acres — including world-class facilities, 25 miles of wooded trails, four ponds, and the upper third of the Turkey River — there are many avenues for scholarship, leadership, character, and community, all in the service of bringing good to a world in need.

Here, 500 students representing 16 countries and 41 US states are receiving a transformative education. It’s an experience defined by distinctively SPS traits: the highest standards of academic excellence, Episcopalian values, and an enriching, fully residential setting.

Hear from the students

Step into a classroom and you’ll see students trying new things. In discussion around Harkness tables, in laboratories, and in the field, they are investigating new and age-old questions. They can explore artificial intelligence and robotics in one, before diving into metacognition and literature in the next — sometimes, even in the same class. Here, an art lover leaves with an equal passion for science — and vice versa. Working together with expert faculty, they are preparing intensively toward future success in multiple arenas.

A trimester-based academic programme, that offers exceptional depth and breadth, makes this possible. The core curriculum includes challenging courses in humanities, mathematics, sciences, languages, religion, and the arts.

With these fundamentals, young learners have the flexibility to pursue enriching electives to determine their own paths. An emphasis on interdisciplinary excellence further enhances the experience. For example, a student who sings proudly on stage weekly might graduate just as adept in developing Autonomous Robotic Systems. At SPS, anything is possible.

With the humanities curriculum, students hone their passion for inquiry — a perk essential to a healthy and examined life. From ancient Europe and Asia to colonial and Civil War America to the present day, nothing is off-limits in this four-year experience. A Humanities Writing Programme trains students to read with joy and write with confidence. As they take on assignments on the formal essay, personal essay, short story, poetry, dialogue, and research essay, they’re training to be the next George Orwell or Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Most importantly, they find their voice. As they learn to process, and reflect upon, their thinking and feelings, they foster an understanding of themselves, the connected community they're proud to be a part of, and the natural world that surrounds them.

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At SPS, experiences abound. Here, there are over 70 clubs and societies that range from debate, robotics, gospel choir, boxing, chess or even fly-fishing. Through these, interests are developed and nurtured.Through comprehensive programmes in athletics, music, and the arts — passions take flight.

Co-curricular Programme

Student experience

Whether it be in the classroom, around the dining table, in laboratories, or on the field –– at SPS, everyone works in collaboration. Imagine receiving guidance and support on a level as deep as this. Now, imagine enjoying these connections 24/7. At SPS, there’s no need to imagine. This is a reality for every single student here.

SPS is a big school that exudes a strong sense of community. Living and learning here means spending four mornings a week in a community chapel and strolling on pristine paths in between classes — on which you’ll encounter some of the over 850 people here who will never fail to greet you.

Indeed, the people here are kind and life is sweet. SPS is home to 18 residential houses –– eight for boys, nine for girls, and one all-gender house. They range in style from the 19th-century Gothic architecture of Coit to the contemporary style of Con/20 and Kehaya. Within each home, 30 students reside with an average of three faculty members and their families. Together, they share meals, exchange support, and recollect daily adventures.

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Alice Lui, '22
New Jersey

“I was having a lot of trouble figuring out how to balance long hours at dance and wanting to get better education. This program we have here — it's built for that”

SPS is located in Concord, New Hampshire — a city of 36,000, with all the charms of a quintessential New England town and the cultural assets of a city. When students aren’t enjoying their 2,000-acre campus or exploring 25 miles of trails, they could check out the

renaissance of sorts happening in Concord, NH. With a new shop or restaurant opening every few months, sidewalks expanded and public art installed on Main Street, it has all the amenities for SPS’s budding connoisseurs.

An hour’s drive away are vibrant Boston, the glistening seacoast, and the majestic White Mountains — where white-tailed deers, foxes, bears, and moose roam free. However, you’ll come to find that on campus grounds, there’s enough that will inspire you to stay put.


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