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How can a school with over 65 nationalities represented within its student body cater to the needs of every child?

The answer lies in listening closely to SCIS’s diverse student voices and platforming what they have to say. The school operates on flexible teaching frameworks to create a well-balanced curriculum that encourages interactivity and respectful exchange of ideas not just among students, but also teachers, parents, and the wider community.

Its service-learning approach is built upon five key themes:

  • Unlocking curiosity 
  • Healthy body, healthy mind 
  • Together for a sustainable future 
  • Justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion 
  • Global and local


These themes allow the school to fully integrate the IB programme with student-centred initiatives that go beyond academics. They include proactively supporting student wellness by breaking stigmas around open discussions of mental health, amplifying their voices to speak about equity and justice, and championing collaborative efforts to tackle global issues sustainably. 

Holistic curricular integration

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