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Be a Dragon with a world-class IB education

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Inquisitive. Knowledgeable. Empathetic. These core values have formed the bedrock of Shanghai Community International School (SCIS) for over 20 years. Here, students arrive as learners and leave as well-rounded citizens of the world, transformed by a student-centred curriculum rooted in service and open-mindedness in an exceptionally international environment. 

As a pioneering international school that was among the first in Shanghai to become an International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum World School, its rigorous academic programme nurtures critical thinking skills that link dynamic ideas with practical connections in the real world. The school’s young minds don’t just point out pressing issues affecting them and the world they live in — they are already devising solutions to make lasting positive contributions to their communities. 

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The IB framework is all about developing the whole child: mind, body, and heart. That’s why academics here are balanced with expansive activities and school-based opportunities outside of the classroom at SCIS. From sporting championships to theatre performances, learners are encouraged to fuel their curiosity and pursue their passions as part of their transformational journey in lifelong personal growth. 

The making of a Dragon

With a holistic IB programme, the potential growth for your child is limitless. Find out more about SCIS’s unique educational approach that makes its graduates stand out from the crowd.  

“The reason why I kept attending SCIS is that the community and faculty members are warm-hearted, international, and professional. The key to achieving this outstanding accomplishment is to be organised. Having a plan for the day, week, and month was how I organised my time to maximise my work efficiency.”

Ji-Woo Choi, South Korea

Class of 2022

“Ask questions. Be curious. Teachers are eager to see you, and they want you to succeed! I am incredibly grateful for all my teachers. I often asked many questions to my teachers outside of class, and they all responded with sincerity.”

Sota Yanagisawa, Japan

Class of 2022

“The creative environment here in the UK is great; it fosters a lot of incredible interactions with people and really pushes you to be a better creative.”

“The UK is very welcoming, it embraces lots of people, and AUB’s creative community is really inspiring. There’s lots going on, and lots of people to learn from.”

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Meet the Golden Dragons

Hear from the faculty

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“The flexible frameworks ensure that community partnerships are strengthened in an equitable way. They can invite parents into the learning process. For students, they can be viewed as much-needed support and an energising collective avenue through which to pursue service."

John Haakon Gould

Grades 1-12 Service Learning Coach, IB Diploma Programme CAS Coordinator

Three campuses with leading-edge facilities

SCIS boasts three purpose-built campuses in Hongqiao and Pudong that expand students’ developmental needs at each stage of their education. These flexible and innovative spaces are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and resources to support a variety of learning styles and experiences. They mirror the school’s educational ethos to facilitate interactivity and a healthy exchange of ideas in a truly global environment.

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A dynamic, all-encompassing education in a multicultural environment awaits at Shanghai Community International School.

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