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The business world is fluid and ever-changing, with innovations and practices continually evolving to keep up with the challenges the world is facing, both locally and globally. Dubai is a vibrant, global city and hub for all kinds of businesses, making it the ideal place to study.

The Birmingham Business School at the University of Birmingham Dubai has links with industry that can provide excellent career opportunities. Its Expert Careers Advice Team offers a wide range of services to help each learner take that next step towards employment.

The institution seeks to promote curiosity and thought leadership for responsible business. Each of its programmes holds a culture of responsible business and inclusive values at its core, allowing its students to evolve into a new generation of impactful leaders.

Quality graduate programmes for tomorrow’s decision-makers

Hear from the students

"My academically enriching and socially beneficial experience at the University of Birmingham Dubai owes to my qualified professors, practical and all-encompassing course content, and the valuable networking opportunities offered. Additionally, my affiliation with this triple-crown accredited institution and the critical competencies acquired has effectively set me apart in the global, competitive, corporate world."

Mariya Talib,
MSc Human Resource Management student at the University of Birmingham Dubai

"At the University of Birmingham Dubai, students are not only empowered to learn, but also given opportunities to build networks that can land them with exciting job careers. Studying MSc Human Resource Management has broadened my thinking into managing Human Resource Management in an international space whilst becoming culturally aware and confident in overseeing global operations."

Tanvi Chaturvedi,
MSc Human Resource Management student at the University of Birmingham Dubai

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New campus, new possibilities

Home to over 2,900 students, the University of Birmingham’s bespoke new facility in Dubai has been designed to reflect real-world working practices. With numerous working spaces, large lecture theatres, seminar rooms and library services, this space guarantees students have unlimited access to a learning environment suited to their needs.

The campus has also been designed with sustainable practices in mind, ensuring the University leads the way in corporate environmental responsibility whilst delivering a modern building capable of adapting to changes in technology, learning and climate.

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Great student life

Big, open spaces with lots of sunlight streaming through, people from all over the world, meaningful connections – these features define the University of Birmingham Dubai’s new campus. Located in Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) and designed by Hopkins Architects, it is now home to 2,900 students and a hub for community outreach and engagement activities.

It’s a place where students can do so much more than just going to lectures. It’s where they can grow as a person and to make lifelong friends.

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A dynamic student experience awaits at the University of Birmingham Dubai.

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