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From the classroom to the field and stage, Villanova Preparatory School is filled with opportunities for children to grow academically, spiritually, morally, physically, and personally. 

And they do. Every year, students follow a rigorous, college-prep curriculum that fosters intellectual achievements. Led by highly qualified and dedicated teachers, students develop the interests and skills to work to their highest potential, achieve strong college preparatory skills, and gain a broad knowledge of the humanities, arts, and sciences. Whether it’s honours classes, Advanced Placement or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, students here have the support they need to forge a range of skills for critical thinking and self-expression and to mature into socially active global citizens.

Naturally, a significant number of graduates head to many of the top colleges and universities in the nation and beyond, often with advanced credit. They’re ready, confident and prepared to make a difference with their Villanova moral virtues that build character.


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Academic excellence

Villanova’s stellar academic programme is based on the tradition of a liberal arts education. This means students not only gain knowledge in several subject areas but in many thinking and communication skills as well. They learn how to read critically, analyse and evaluate information communicate in written and spoken form, respect other cultures, and gain an awareness of social and moral issues facing our world.

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As the only boarding school in California that offers the IB Diploma Programme, Villanova offers an extra advantage to its students. The Diploma Programme is well-known for nurturing students to become globally-minded and discover ways to positively impact the world. They do this by studying six subject groups (three at the standard level and three at the higher level) over two years and completing three additional core requirements: the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class, the Extended Essay (EE), and Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) hours outside of class. The result? Graduates who not only have skills in research, writing, critical thinking, time management, and self-confidence to do well at university but for life. 

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Hear from the students

Cheryl Sun

“One of the best things about a Villanova education is that it offers a lot of freedom. I can pick the classes I want to take as long as I meet the requirements to graduate. I received a lot of positive feedback as well when I got good grades on tests. I started to have an interest in learning more. This made me want to do better and get better grades. It’s like a positive feedback loop.”

“We didn’t have a formal basketball school team back in China. Here, we have one with practices daily. We have games against other schools every week during the season. This level of engagement definitely makes me feel stronger, healthier, and closer to my teammates.”

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Class of 2020

Minsoo Kim

“One of my favourite Villanova educators was my religion class teacher. He was a good friend, advisor and mentor to me. He helped me get through a lot of my personal problems along my educational journey both in and out of classes. Mr. Williams’s positive influence helped me stabilise my foundation and focus on getting through my classes and dealing with the non-academic aspects of living and learning in a boarding school environment.”

“I spent my entire four years of dormitory life with friends from all over the world. This helped me in many different ways. Our family business is working globally in countries like Korea, China, Indonesia, Germany and Mexico. My Villanova experience helped me understand

different cultures and helped me transcend my appreciation and love for international business with music, a passion that knows no bounds.”

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Class of 1994

Gaston Pavlovich

“I have positive thoughts and memories of all the teachers at Villanova. Whenever you go to school, there's always that one teacher you hate and hates you. That did not happen in Villanova. I just had great, great teachers in general. They left a good impression and dedicated serious quality time to me and to everybody else.”

“I think I played all the sports offered and I loved it. I really enjoyed baseball. We had a great team. We traveled a lot and I did basketball as well. We also had a few theatre plays, which were very small and in-house, but I really enjoyed them.”

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Class of 1987

Special and unique moments on campus

Located in the quaint and scenic Ojai Valley, the Villanova campus bustles with activity on any given day. It starts early with students enjoying a power breakfast, before each heading off to their respective classes and extra tutorials. 

At 3 p.m., it’s time for a sport, eighth-period class, or another approved extracurricular. There’s a wide variety of clubs and organisations to join, reflecting the diverse interests of the students. Whether it’s art, music, philanthropy, science or more, everyone can find ways, big or small, to pour their hearts into. Or just to have fun with like-minded friends. 

Dinner follows – which means more bonding time with other students and staff at the Dining Hall over quality meals prepared by excellent chefs. Later, at the boarding houses, there are students cheering on one another, relaxing or goofing around as peers, classmates, and teammates. Others are completing homework or exercising before it’s lights out and another fresh day of opportunities arrives.

Weekends are just as exciting. During the day, there are trips to the beach, hiking, mini-golf, grocery store runs, and excursions to downtown Ojai, Target, and further afield in California. At night, students end a fulfilling week with a movie, games, a courtyard bonfire with s'mores or any other memorable, fun, and safe activity they’d like. 

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An enriching education awaits at Villanova Preparatory School

My long-term goal is to become a subject matter expert in supply chain, which is the backbone of the industry. I found BGSU's Logistics Systems Engineering program is a combination of engineering and management, which helps me to enhance my knowledge and skills. I joined BGSU in January 2022 and got the opportunity to work as a Graduate Assistant on an industrial project under the guidance of Dr. Sarder.

Swati Arora, India
MS in Logistics Systems Engineering

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Hear from the students

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