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To prepare for careers in technology supported fields, choose The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) Department of Computer Science — a flagship division of the Erik Jonsson School of Computer Science and Engineering. The department plays host to 5000+ students and over 90 dedicated faculty members who are experts in their field of research.

Apart from offering comprehensive degree programs in computer science and software engineering at BS, MS, and PhD levels, UT Dallas also offers countless opportunities for budding researchers to engage with a 51-strong research faculty. Each faculty is excellent in their own right — evident through the awards, accolades and prestigious recognitions received in recent years, including an ACM Fellow award and two IEEE Fellow awards in 2021.

At the same time, CS faculty uphold the excellence in research and education UT Dallas is known for. The department’s research is ranked highly by reputable rating agencies, with the 2021 publication based ranking being #5 in Embedded and Real time Systems, #5 in Software Engineering, #6 in Artificial Intelligence (ahead of MIT, Harvard, Rice, UIUC, Cornell, Duke, Stanford), and #28 in Machine Learning and Data Mining (with Harvard, Columbia University, and Duke University ranked 27th).

Those looking to carve their own pathway work on their own discoveries in a 152,000 square-foot building designed around industry needs and packed with state-of-the-art technologies.

It is the perfect place to discover how one can protect oneself from data loss, how worldwide events raise the possibility of cyberattacks in the US, how to monitor air quality, or to explore methods for fending off text spam — all of which are challenges UT Dallas is seeking to solve.

These robust PhD qualifications are golden tickets to the full experience

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Austin Mordahl

“I graduated from UT Dallas with my BS in Software Engineering in 2018, then immediately joined the PhD program, under Dr. Shiyi Wei’s guidance. My career goal is to go into academia, and I know the competencies I have gained in my program (e.g. writing paper reviews, writing papers, conducting research) will be vital to my success. So far, I’ve had a few of my research papers accepted at conferences and in the process have learned to present my findings to others.”

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Mustafa Canim

"The MS and PhD programs at the Computer Science Department at UT Dallas helped me develop a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of computer science and hone my skills in this area. During my PhD years, I focused on research problems pertaining to the data security and privacy areas under the supervision of Professor Murat Kantarcioglu and had a chance to learn more about the cutting edge technologies in the cybersecurity domain. As a result of the experience I had gained as part of this research, I had the opportunity to intern at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and Google Inc., which further helped me build a successful career post-graduation.”

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Zenong Zhang

“I graduated from the master’s program in Summer 2020, and then have continued on to study for the PhD degree. As a student without a CS background, the classes in UT Dallas helped me build the foundations in my research. At the same time, I gained the ability to analyse and solve complicated problems. In addition, I feel that the advanced communication skills I have learned have helped me collaborate with other researchers more effectively.”

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Yifan Li

"The education and experience that I have received from the UT Dallas CS PhD program have benefited me in numerous ways. For academics, I've enjoyed doing cutting-edge AI research with my advisor — who is a world-class scientist — as well as with the extraordinary students in the lab. The program has also allowed me to coordinate my projects with other top researchers across different research domains and even across the country. Additionally, the knowledge and techniques that I learned during the PhD program helped me start quickly in industry after graduation and made it possible for me to continue conducting advanced AI research in a leading tech company."

Hear from the graduates

Hear from the graduates

UT Dallas is strategically located in the Telecom Corridor — a technology business centre in Richardson, Texas — where thousands of high-tech companies are based. Those making academic decisions based on opportunities will be happy to know that Dallas-Fort Worth is also home to 24 Fortune 500 companies — all of whom have welcomed UT Dallas graduates with full-time positions.

Opportunities abound in Dallas

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A dynamic computer science education awaits at UT Dallas Computer Science

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