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Discover your potential with a master's degree from Finland

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Knowing yourself is the key to unlocking your calling. The University of Turku (UTU), Finland, understands this well and has designed an impressive range of master’s programmes that guide upskillers, reskillers and lifelong learners towards their true passions.

But with so many career options out there, it can be tricky to find the right course for you. UTU helps students overcome this with its flexible curricula. Students can tailor their degrees according to their interests and specific professional goals by choosing elective courses or minors from other faculties (and even other Finnish universities).

Whichever path they choose, they’re set to earn a degree that’s well-known and highly respected globally. UTU is one of the most international universities in Finland and is ranked among the top 1% of universities in the world.


of the University of Turku alumni feel that they have received high-quality education which corresponds to their career


international students study at the University of Turku annually


international master’s degree programmes taught in English

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Hear from the students

Each UTU student is unique, coming from various walks of life, backgrounds and aspirations. No matter what they are, they find a master’s degree that meets their wants, needs and dreams of today and the future. Whether it’s effective learning, 3D printing and artificial organs, microbiology and baking, or creating a sustainable and adventurous future for humanity, their ambitions are equipped with the knowledge and skills to transform into future career opportunities and even personal callings.

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Excellent facilities and learning environments

There is a seemingly endless list of amenities here, including free access to the university’s IT services and wireless network, as well as excellent library services with extensive databases, e-resources, digital materials, and equipment free of charge. These make for a working and learning environment that’s inspiring, encouraging, and interactive. 

With housing available from the Turku Student Village Foundation and the main Turku Campus located next to the city centre and Aura River, you’ll be close to classes, campus and the city. Campus exudes a home-like atmosphere with something always going on at the Student Union, from culture and sports to outdoor recreation. Whilst the city — known as the festival capital of Finland — has no shortage of music, theatre, art, sports, food and film festivals organised nearly every weekend. To live here is to have a grand time — hence why as many as 99% of students in Turku recommend the city to their friends according to the Study in Turku Survey.

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Discover your potential with University of Turku’s master’s programmes

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