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Where an engineering education at Swansea University can take you

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The top choice for architecture, engineering, and technology management students

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The top choice for architecture, engineering, and technology management students

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The top choice for architecture, engineering, and technology management students

The University of Pretoria (UP), situated in the scenic diplomatic hub of its namesake, South Africa’s capital city, is a top public research institution with a legacy spanning over a century. Comprising nine Faculties, UP is dedicated to making meaningful contributions to the nation’s socioeconomic and environmental development.

“The Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology (EBIT) is unique within the South African higher education landscape, seamlessly integrating engineering, built environment, and information technology fields into one Faculty.

EBIT, at the forefront of multidisciplinary research, tackles contemporary societal challenges, particularly those arising from the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Engineering 4.0 facility exemplifies the Faculty’s commitment to conducting future-focused research and positively influencing global challenges in smart transport, cities, and infrastructure.

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Diverse programmes, career-ready graduates

Departments within EBIT offer diverse programmes designed to meet industry demands and ensure graduates are career-ready. The emphasis on practical learning components facilitates a swift grasp of technical concepts and provides insights into real-world applications. Whether in architecture, engineering, or technology management, EBIT’s programmes stand out for their research-driven curriculum.

Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture

The Department of Architecture offers a range of programmes, including research-focused master’s degrees and PhDs. Integrating ongoing research projects with communities and practitioners, Studio courses provide an experiential learning environment. Graduates emerge as recognised, interior, and landscape architects, equipped to address Research Themes aligned with EBIT’s research focus areas, which include Urban Citizenship, Regenerative and Resilient Cities, Designed Ecologies, Smart Cities and Neighbourhoods, Memory, Legacy and Identity, Inhabitation of Place, and Architectural Education.

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Engineering and Technology Management

The honours programme in Engineering and Technology Management serves as a foundational step toward technical management, exposing students to technology and innovation management through predefined modules and a research project. This programme is ideal for recent bachelor’s degree graduates seeking entry qualifications for master’s degrees in technical management sciences.

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Technology and Innovation Management

The Master’s in Technology and Innovation Management, featuring core modules, electives, and a mini dissertation, fosters technology management, innovation, corporate entrepreneurship, new product development, and strategic management skills. The programme aims to develop professionals capable of supporting organisations’ long-term innovation and productivity goals.

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Engineering Management

The Master’s in Engineering Management distinguishes itself by focusing on product and system development, production, operations, and maintenance within a business context.

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Project Management

The Master in Project Management, fully accredited by the Global Accreditation Centre for Project Management Education Programmes, aligns with ISO 21500 guidelines. It equips students with a comprehensive understanding of project management, considering projects as strategic initiatives focusing on the environment and people.

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Prof. James Maina, Deputy Dean for Research and Postgraduate Studies, highlights the collective expertise within EBIT’s 14 departments, emphasising the potential to develop innovative solutions to South Africa’s social-economic and environmental challenges with a broader impact on global issues.

Prof. James Maina
Deputy Dean for Research and Postgraduate Studies

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Prof. James Maina
Deputy Dean for Research and Postgraduate Studies

Prof Wynand Steyn, Dean of EBIT, emphasises the Faculty’s innovation-driven approach, ensuring students and researchers contribute to solving global challenges and effecting positive change.

Prof Wynand Steyn
Dean of Ebit

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Prof Wynand Steyn
Dean of EBIT

Insights from Deans

An enriching education awaits at the University of Pretoria.