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When creating our Kanga hoodie, my most memorable SPM experience, we learned about the costs associated with creating and getting a product in front of the consumers and the ideation/development of creating a product. In this industry, we are working with teams all the time, and this programme makes sure we are in a team environment throughout. As this industry is evolving, we have to stay updated with innovative sustainable materials, how consumers buy products and fashion trends. To stay ahead of the industry, we are taught to think outside the box, ask why we do what we do, and challenge the norm.

In the Sports Product Management Innovation lab, we were asked to experiment and create a shoe and a t-shirt from scratch. We had to create the pattern in Browzwear, pick out the material, and sew everything together to create the final product. My favorite part was sewing each component together and using different types of stitching to make an appealing product. When we created the product, we had to think a couple of steps ahead when sewing each part to make sure it was coming together correctly.

The three lessons I learned from this programme were the development process of a product, understanding the business side of a company, and how to collaborate with a team. The development process taught me how to create a tech pack and think critically about consumer needs. The business side taught me how to sell products in international markets and to think through operational logistics. Lastly, being with a team for 18 months has taught me to be open to different concepts, adapt to different working styles, and utilize the strengths of other team members.

Kevin Joshy


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