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Taking several global business classes has provided me and my team the opportunity to take a holistic view of all our classes as we develop plans to serve international consumers and markets. We have been challenged to think from a Latin American and Asian market lens, making me consider how different markets value sustainability. This, in turn, also requires innovation in product creation and business planning to tackle the individual needs and desires of diverse markets.

One of my favourite experiences has been being a teaching assistant to Stephen Holmberg for the first-year Consumer Research class. I have been fortunate enough to guide a new class through concepts I have mastered through dedicated practice. Helping teach a class has challenged me to grow my understanding of consumer research and fostered a passion for creating insights and supporting product creation through empathy-driven consumer connections.

This master’s degree has prepared me for the world of Sports Product Mangement by connecting me with industry professionals who are eager to invest in me and my journey. The programme has offered an array of classes to explore my strengths and interests in different career paths within the industry. It has also pushed me to constantly analyze concepts I learn through a global lens and helps me think future-first. I feel ready to lead with the tools and experiences the programme has provided me.

Alexandra Rundlett


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