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MSc Psychological Sciences

Education and Health Sciences

1 year


With emphases (and streams) on research methods, clinical psychology, community and health psychology as well as social psychology, this course is the perfect bridge to a research career or specialisation via a doctoral degree.

You will cover several facets of psychological science, laying the foundation for future specialisation. Central to these is the study of research methods, which includes how a variety of psychological theories and paradigms relate to personal and social issues. You will also develop and apply best practices for independent studies, optimise communication skills, and nurture a professional sensitivity that will guide the upcoming chapters of your career. Depending on your stream, you will explore human thought and behaviour gradually through each psychology module, ranging from health and work all the way to community and sports.

“Doing the MSc in Psychological Science allowed me to learn so much about the tools and research methods used by psychologists, and helped me understand how the discipline of psychology can inform solutions to many societal problems including climate change, racism, and mental health. Taking this course helped launch my own career in psychology as a researcher and a lecturer,” says graduate Paul Maher.

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