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Master of Education in Educational Leadership

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NFQ Level 9 Major Award



No matter where you teach, this fully-online, part-time master’s programme will build on your experience of international education systems while enhancing your professional and leadership skills. As you can imagine, this community of teachers for teachers is a supportive environment prime for effective learning.

Not only will you obtain a professional qualification to level up in your career, but you will also soak up vast experiences from fellow educators in your cohort. You also stand to gain a deeper understanding of educational leadership and build management and empowerment skills, which you will translate into innovative key practices in your school. Let’s not forget resources — this programme beckons you to understand and utilise resource optimisation so you and your organisation hit your goals while forwarding your mission.

“The Master of Education in Educational Leadership is providing me with opportunities to engage with research, theory, historical and global trends and practice, and most importantly, like-minded learning partners to ensure that my leadership of the education of young people is enlightened and assured,” shares Fionnghuala King, Principal of Mount St. Michael Secondary School in the west of Ireland.

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