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Preparing tomorrow’s professionals for lives of service

We're living through an era of unprecedented challenges and opportunities. The climate crisis, global health challenges, and changes in social values are upending our priorities. How we live and work is being constantly reinvented by advances in technology and the generations who were "born digital." Our communities and societies need leaders who can navigate the complex challenges and nuanced needs in our modern society. 

Enter the University of Divinity in Australia. Ranked #1 for quality student experience, this faith-based institution prepares its graduates for ministry, leadership and community service. An education here is based on values — the kind that empowers students to address the issues of the contemporary world through critical engagement with Christian theological traditions. It’s a journey that equips students to contribute to a just and compassionate society — as the following stories show.

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Hear from the students

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Nick Patselis

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Nurturing people-oriented professionals through a value-based education

Despite its Christian ethos, the University of Divinity does not impose a religious test for students or staff to join the institution. "We don't shy away from a theological underpinning, but the way in which spirituality is brought into the course is often just in small conversations — ideas that are put out in front of students for them to take or reject," says Dr. Edwards. He believes virtues like hope, courage, and compassion are foundational to the human psyche. This is a perspective that students appreciate. 

"In the Self-Leadership unit, it's about understanding what are your own personal values before you're thinking about leading teams or organisations," Nick shares. "It's bringing my life back into alignment and seeing growth in some areas."

This values-based approach helps the university build a community in both synchronous and asynchronous online learning, as well as when they come together and learn in a physical space. "In the counselling and leadership programs, many unit will have intensives. This is where we students engage in activities and discussions, and report the outcomes in their assessments" says Dr Edwards.

The University of Divinity team believes that all its programs should be bigger than the knowledge they impart. To be a great counsellor, for instance, is to be richly endowed with what it means to be human. To be a leader, one must act out of conviction and values in order to positively influence others. At the University of Divinity, students engage in deep learning to inform head, heart and hand in the service of others.

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