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Ravin Nair

Master in Liberal Studies

Ravin Nair could never have imagined that his student journey would end at the world-renown BBC — he had initially trained in civil engineering as an undergraduate. 

“You could say that I was doing what I thought I was supposed to do,” he muses. “After two years of working at a Fortune 500, I knew that it wasn’t the career for me but I wasn’t sure how to enter into the world of my real passion — news.” 

A Master’s in Liberal Studies was the kind of holistic degree that allowed him to pull from courses in writing to video production. He learned how to take his passion for storytelling and documentary filmmaking, and formalize it into a career.

Nair does not hesitate to credit his advisors and CaPS with the connections that made his job at the BBC possible. “I didn’t know anyone in this industry — really a greenhorn. They listened to my story, understood what I wanted to achieve and helped me put together a really incredible portfolio of work that showed range. Finally, they put me in contact with a group of potential employers, and I managed to land the job of my dreams.” 

Putting together a creative body of work wasn’t an easy task, but staff understood that one of Nair’s strengths was his life experience — from growing up in Mumbai to his previous career in a very different field. The engineer-turned-student-turned-documentary producer was able to put together a portfolio that spoke for him and made potential employers see how he could tell stories from a unique perspective.

Black, White

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