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Successful graduate outcomes at UNH

Securing a job after graduation is undoubtedly one of the biggest worries for students around the world.

You can have it all: a degree, a high CGPA, work experience, reference letters — but none of this automatically guarantees a job in an increasingly competitive workforce.

Graduates are looking at more than just what they will do while at university — they are asking what their universities will do for them and their futures.

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At the University of New Hampshire, a dedicated Department of Career and Professional Success (CaPS) works to empower students to “proactively build the knowledge and skills they need to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing future.”

They focus on linking students up with job opportunities after they graduate, connecting them to more internship positions, alerting them of networking events, and introducing them to industry professionals. CaPS works to give students a holistic effort in pursuing their professional career, giving them insights into their desired sector and industry network. 

UNH has a campus-wide CaPS office, and each college division has its own CaPS office catering to students in their specific area.

They take extra steps to ensure that students are prepared for all aspects of securing a job – from fixing their résumés to interview skills, to events specially-tailored to help them succeed.

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Career events organised by CaPS include a “Résumé Review Day with Industry Experts”, “No Pressure Networking Night,” “Building a Professional Image: How to Market Yourself in the World,” “Start-Up Career Fair,” and more. They also offer a service called “Build Relationships” that provides assistance on growing students’ professional and personal networks, connecting them to employer events, and more.

Students learn helpful tips and are given tools like a thorough list of action steps on how they can tackle the job market. This includes using InterviewStream, a website to record practice interviews to review, and conducting mock interviews.

With a multitude of resources, events and opportunities available at UNH, graduates are undoubtedly prepared to enter the workforce as professional, confident individuals with a strong sense of what they can bring to the table.

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