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Led by the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, this programme allows candidates to advance their knowledge and research in four specialisations: communication, control, and signal processing; computer systems; devices, circuits, and systems; and power systems. Doctoral candidates can perform independent research and graduate-level coursework, acquiring the ability to identify research problems, formulate plausible approaches to solve them, analyse and evaluate proposed solutions, and present technical material orally and in writing.

Your research will have you real-world-ready for a career in wireless communication and networking, traffic modelling, pattern recognition, computer vision, multivariable and optimal controls, hardware security, cyber-physical systems, embedded mobile computing, fibre optic sensors, optical and optoelectronic networks, photovoltaics, quantum devices, power electronics and power systems, microgrids, smart grids, energy systems or renewable energy. 

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PhD in Electrical Engineering

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