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Transportation Design

The future of transportation is yet to be defined. Autonomous vehicles, shared mobility and the electrical revolution are powerful drivers of change. This programme challenges students to innovate all types of vehicles with the Scandinavian design tradition at the centre of the creative process. Students finish with a skill set in demand by major global corporations like Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, Scania, Geely, Toyota, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Bentley, Kia Motors, as well as design consultancies like Semcon, Kiska and Cliff Design.

As the planet grapples with population growth and environmental problems, this programme provides students with the know-how to come up with new and innovative solutions. This includes understanding how to use form, function, materials and technologies to benefit users. The short-term goal is to be able to make competent products that appeal to the hearts and minds of people. The long-term goal is training tomorrow’s experts in developing sustainable, safe and functional vehicle concepts built around future lifestyles.

The programme’s project-based approach makes these goals achievable. As they transform what they learn in seminar rooms to action, they develop specific knowledge in areas like presentation techniques, strategic design, visual storytelling, physical and digital development. They enhance their work with conceptual ideas, genuine knowledge of work development in the automotive industry, and a good comprehension of the use of modern methods and aids in transportation design.

International partner companies, like research institutions or design departments from global companies, are frequent collaborators. The industry connections formed during the programme provide graduating students with a valuable business network. During training, students also receive constant feedback from experienced industrial designers working in the industry.

All degree projects are presented at a large event, UID Design Talks & Degree Show, where students from all design programmes participate. In addition to students, relatives and friends, the audience includes representatives from a host of multinational companies.

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