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Umeå Institute of Design: Degrees that inspire hope

Highly competitive. Socially and ecologically progressive. Leading research. Cutting-edge facilities. Strong rankings.

An Umeå Institute of Design (UID) degree is more than just a pitstop to any other job. It’s THE design degree to show recruiters — a true symbol of skills, inspiration and impact.

In a world challenged by climate change, food security and digital transparency the UID edge has never been more crucial. Its track record of life-centric, solution-driven innovation offers a glimmer of hope.


years running, UID has been ranked the number one design education in Europe & the Americas on the Red Dot Design Ranking


countries are represented in the UID student body


of students accepted to UID attain their educational goals

of graduates are employed as professional designers within six months


Hear from the graduates

Erik Melldahl, Lead Interior Designer at BMW

"At UID, I went from knowing almost nothing of design to working with one of the most prestigious projects within BMW. Being a student at UID helps you build your professional network, and that is very important when starting your professional career”
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Maggie Kuo, User Experience Design Lead @ Google and UID alumna

“UID is like Hogwarts. It’s far away from everywhere, it’s covered in snow and the night skies are painted by green lights. And the people that gather here from all over have their very own special magical skillsets”
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Bilgi Karan, UX Responsible @ IKEA and UID alumnus

“During my education, I had the chance to work on pivotal projects with amazing companies like Sony, IKEA, Boeing, Toyota, Spotify, Google and many more”

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At UID, collaboration is real. Education is built around projects performed in close cooperation with major international partner companies, research units and public authorities. The school’s industry-like design studio culture - where students feed off each other’s creativity across programmes - has become an engine of innovation recognized by recruiters across the globe.

New staff hires include Daniela Bohlinger, Head of Sustainability in Design at the BMW Group, bringing a wealth of experience from the upper echelons of the design industry. External partnerships are geared towards real life design issues as well as visions for a better future — a recent collaboration with the ‘Cluster of Forest Technology’ brought forth innovative ideas on how to reverse deforestation.

A UID education is an open, curious and collaborative exploration in design. Here, people grow into fully-fledged designers equipped with a skill set, and mind set, to take on the challenges facing our global society.

Going above and beyond

“I believe the school offers students an amazing starter kit, giving them the tools to go on and create lasting solutions. At UID, students are encouraged to challenge our notion of concepts like sustainability and diversity, stretching the limits of creativity and imagination. For us, design is not just about solving problems, it’s about challenging the status quo and unlocking new perspectives”

Demian Horst, Head of Institute

At UID, experts teach human-centred, ethical, inclusive and sustainable design. They prepare designers to become leading voices in initiating sustainable change, making a positive impact on the public, societies and our planet.

All programmes promote digital transparency, connecting design to sustainable democratic development.

If you have a genuine desire to develop, seek answers, pose new questions and meet the changing demands of society, this is the place to be. Learn how to secure a sustainable future — apply to UID today.

Design a better world

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A great study abroad experience awaits at Umeå Institute of Design.

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