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Alexandra Bonner

MS in Interior Architecture

Alexandra Bonner’s love for interior architecture dates back to her childhood. She attended the Charter High School for Architecture and Design of Philadelphia before completing her bachelor’s degree in interior design at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Next, a move to Jefferson was imminent. “I needed to complement my fine arts and aesthetic-driven undergraduate education and learn more about the structure and systems that are incorporated into commercial environments,” she says.

Bonner was also on the lookout to strengthen her technical skills in areas such as building information modeling, evolving communication technologies and construction technology — all of which are emphasized at Jefferson. “I was also attracted to the Study Abroad course that allowed me to live and learn in Denmark for a summer,” she adds.

These skills and experiences have helped prepare her for the daily tasks she now undertakes as a professional. “Editing and importance to detail are some lessons I’ve carried into my professional work,” she explains. “This ranges from taking the time to run a few spell checks on a design brief before issuing a final draft or simplifying material options in concept palettes to improve the presentation experience.”

Her confidence in presenting, speaking and visually communicating her designs is now plain to see. It was her “personable” and “knowledgeable” professors who trained her to be who she is today, she says. Today, Bonner is part of the healthcare team at FCA in Philadelphia, adding value as a Project Interior Designer.

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