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The London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS) is a world-leading specialist institution that’s always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Based at The Place, a cultural hub that reflects the global feel of its city, LCDS is a thought leader in higher education. 

Here is where dancing cultures intersect and collide and where artists from all over the world feel at home. “Encountering different dance practices and styles allows me to have endless discoveries as a student,” says Darinka Bojorquez, BA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance student. 

The programmes at LCDS are truly about helping students develop the skills and knowledge they need to transition into the professional field of dance and the creative industries successfully. This is all done in a safe learning space where dancers can explore and learn with open minds and hearts. “I feel like not only LCDS but also The Place as a whole has become like home for me in London,” Bojorquez says. “I can be myself, and I know that I will feel supported and cared for.”

“Before coming here, I thought that I just wanted to perform, but now I think that I also want to create and maybe even create new dance scenarios in Mexico with a lot of the things that I am absorbing here,” she says.

Hailing from Mexico, Bojorquez is in her second year and aims to take advantage of every opportunity that comes her way.

Learning from everyone

At LCDS, recent BA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance graduate Ellie Peacock found that there was so much more to dance than just the physical performance. Aside from creating her own choreography, she was a student representative and was on the board for The Place governance and many other behind-the-scenes elements. “I’ve been really interested in being part of these conversations and being the bridge between students and teachers,” she says. 

Being exposed to different dance styles, alongside ballet and contemporary, gives students perspective, but understanding the hierarchies and everything that happens around the performance is just as illuminating.

Here, Peacock discovered, you can learn from anyone. “The idea that if a teacher isn't in the studio, you can't learn anymore is slightly dated,” she says. “Once you start knowing and really appreciating those around us, so many people have different strengths and weaknesses. If we can feel that environment, and be there for one another and teach one another, I think that's going to be a really generous space, and definitely one I'd want to stay in.” 

“I think some of my highlights really do come from times when I’ve found it the toughest, so it's pushed me outside of my comfort zone,” Peacock says. 

New and revamped programmes, same career-boosting impact

BA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance

By featuring more dance styles, the programme sets out to achieve several goals. It is taking steps to decolonise dance education by adding styles like Capoeira, Bharatanatyam, Kathak, and Flying Low.

MA Dance: Performance

The MA Dance: Performance is a new and revised version of an earlier postgraduate offering, EDGE, which followed the structure of a dance company as is common in the higher education dance sector.

Athletic dance move, Flash photography, Dress, Happy, Gesture, Choreography, Entertainment

MA Dance: Participation, Communities, Activism

Vision care, Furniture, Chair, Shorts, Interaction, Smile

This online programme is for those looking to develop a socially engaged dance practice that addresses the urgencies of our times.

An enriching education awaits at The Place