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Where an engineering education at Swansea University can take you

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Where an engineering education at Swansea University can take you

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Since 1920, Swansea University has been redefining the standards of higher education in the UK. As a forward-thinking institution, every aspect of academia at Swansea is dedicated to preparing learners to address the challenges of tomorrow. A range of innovative programmes has been designed according to this approach, each carefully curated to ready students for their next steps.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering is a stellar choice in this regard. As a nationally and globally recognised centre of excellence, the faculty brings together bright minds from across the world to collaborate on the most pressing issues in the industry. It’s an ideal starting point for aspiring engineers and scientists to launch careers and make a difference.

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Students in the School of Aerospace, Civil, Electrical, General and Mechanical Engineering are trained from day one to explore both traditional and modern engineering principles and how they apply to the real world. They learn from a faculty comprised of leaders in their fields and have access to outstanding facilities and research centres that reflect today’s industrial and business world.

There’s plenty to keep busy with outside classes too. Both on campus and in a city with loads of charm and bags of character, there are like-minded people and new friends to connect with, and a full roster of activities to join. “Getting to meet people who have experienced life in a completely unique way was one of the most enjoyable parts of my time at Swansea,” says Zimbabwean graduate Nothando Tshuma.


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An unparalleled education in engineering

The climate emergency and an ever-changing business landscape require graduates who are adaptable and capable of addressing issues in a fast-paced environment. Engineering has always been at the forefront of this — and Swansea’s undergraduate programmes combine fundamental theoretical knowledge with practical opportunities to set students up for a successful future in this field. 

The option to take a Year in Industry is a distinct advantage. All BEng students have the opportunity to work with a UK or international company between their second and third year, during which they gain valuable skills that employers today need. Mercedes AMG, Valero, GE Aviation and Rolls Royce are just some of the companies Swansea students have worked with.

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Civil Engineering,

BEng (Hons)

Civil Engineering, BEng (Hons) is a solid choice for those aspiring to innovate and improve on the design of our built environment. The programme gives a strong grounding in the design and analysis of civil engineering structures, with students gaining problem-solving, sketch and modelling and technical reporting skills along the way. 

The undergraduate programme in civil engineering is current; Swansea’s close connections with industry expose students to up-to-date practices and the latest engineering standards. 

All the while, they work with advanced facilities including high-grade laboratories, a fluids laboratory and sophisticated high-speed cameras to inform and enhance their learning.

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Mechanical Engineering,

Mechanical engineering powers the design and manufacturing of critical machines used on a daily basis. Swansea’s Mechanical Engineering, BEng (Hons) programme gets students immersed in the practices of this field from the get-go. They have access to state-of-the-art facilities, including a fluids laboratory and a JetCat P120 engine test room. 

“The programme covers both the theoretical and practical side of mechanical engineering, so students get a well-rounded overview of the subject at hand,” explains student Kameel Al Ajmi. “Everything was designed to help students increase their performance in every way possible.”

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BEng (Hons)

Electronic and Electrical Engineering,

Electronic and Electrical Engineering is behind some of the key tools and systems that shape our everyday world, from the world wide web and global mobile phone networks to laptop computers and renewable energy sources. Swansea’s Electronic and Electrical Engineering, BEng (Hons) explores these and more. 

The programme includes hands-on experience in cutting-edge facilities. This enables students to work with specialist and industry-standard measuring equipment, microcontroller boards, digital oscilloscopes, soldering stations, signal generators and engineering software — well before they even graduate.

“Electrical and electronic engineers work at the forefront of practical technology, improving the devices and systems we use every day,” says student Eric Wen. “I know that this degree will stand me in good stead for my future, whatever career path I decide to take.”

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BEng (Hons)

The modules Swansea University set for the course related to power systems, power electronics, semiconductors and nanotechnology — giving students plenty of opportunities to explore and specialise. I was taught by experts in their fields through a variety of teaching methods such as lectures, lab sessions and independent study. This created an optimum learning environment for me.

Due to Swansea’s incredible reputation for research, I decided to continue my PhD studies here. I look forward to an opportunity to begin my career in real-life power system engineering and give full play to my professional expertise. 

Eric Wen, China
MSc Electronic and Electrical Engineering

I was always challenged in ways that broadened the knowledge I have of the course. I enjoyed the way that the course was structured. There was a good balance between individual and group work. With group work, I always came out of it with newly acquired skills and knowledge. Having lecturers who deliver it well and with passion, and always offer their support made it even more interesting!

My studies at Swansea has prepared me for my current role as a software engineer at Lloyds Banking Group, where I aim to further develop my skills and hopefully learn even more new and exciting things. I am also continuing work on the mental health social media application which I focused on for my final year project at Swansea. 

Nothando Tshuma, Zimbabwe
Computer Science with a Year in Industry

Stunning campuses, enriching surroundings

Two campuses sit on either end of Swansea’s waterfront: Singleton Park Campus and Bay Campus. The former is nestled in mature parkland and botanical gardens, while the latter stretches across the wide expanse of a serene beach.

Both exude a friendly and diverse atmosphere. There are over 150 clubs and societies and 56 sports clubs to get involved in. Walk through lovely parks and you’ll find yourself in the city of Swansea, where there’s a vibrant music scene, a thriving space for arts and culture and great nightlife. On weekends, relax and unwind by strolling along the beach or exploring the many hills and valleys of the Brecon Beacons — you’ll find the calm or adventure you need around every corner in Swansea.

Wherever you go, on or off campus, you’ll always feel safe and secure. Swansea is the 6th safest student city in the UK, according to the Complete University Guide, making it one of the safest in the country – meaning you’ll get to fully enjoy your time at the university and in the city.

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