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A day in the life of two law students

Alex plans to use the head start he’s gained to propel his career in Massachusetts forward. “The contacts I have received through the university are the best gift I’ve received,” he says. “Suffolk has shown me the path through which I can make my dreams come true.”

Powlinus is just as confident of her next steps. “Professors suggest the best ways to prepare for the bar exam and the university has an excellent career development office, which provides us with all the necessary information and help, including CV reviews and mock interviews,” she says. “Every day, I see how focused the faculty and staff of Suffolk Law School are in helping students achieve their goals.”


Situated in the heart of Boston, Suffolk Law is consistently ranked among a handful of the best schools in the nation for legal technology, including the No. 1 ranking in preLaw Magazine in 2021 (the magazine's most recent numerical ranking). It is also the only law school ranked in the top 20% of all skills specialty areas — legal writing, clinics, trial advocacy, and dispute resolution — for eight years running (US News Best Law Schools 2017-24 editions).

And it’s where Alexander Durai Raj Masilla and Nishitha Powlinus would write their own journeys at Suffolk Law.

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Picture pitching to a panel of venture capitalists to get backing for your app that helps couples settle prenuptial agreements cheaply and quickly. Then imagine doing it in a high-stakes, high-powered environment on the reality TV series "Shark Tank" – and hearing that they are offering US$150,000 to you for a 30% stake in the legal tool.

That is just one example of a success story to emerge from Suffolk University Law School.

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